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In the construction industry, safety is of paramount importance. Safe work skills and a safe working environment are crucial variables that must not go unobserved. Each and every individual can impact the safety of their job surroundings. It is in the interest of every person on the job to make sure they are acting safely with respect to themselves and all those working around them.

A construction project is a team effort. A safe construction project completion is a Grade-A team effort that will not go unnoticed. On the job, everyone is expected to be mindful of their surroundings and make logical, prudent, and safe decisions regarding their workspace.

All job personnel are adequately supported in their safety decision making process by the management team. Job supervisors and superintendents are well versed in the safety practices and rules set forth by Compass Steel Erection, Inc. Compass Steel takes every effort to ensure a safe work environment for every employee of Compass and all other personnel on the jobsite.

If you have any questions about our Safety Program, please contact us to request information on our Safety Policies. We encourage all employees to talk to your supervisors about any questions or concerns you may have with what might even seem like the slightest safety issue.



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